Sunday, September 23, 2012

another 10 actors (another Commonwealth edition)

Naomie Harris (UK)
Kate Winslet (UK)  
Maggie Cheung (Hong Kong)
Kate Beckinsale (UK)  
Sophie Okonedo (UK)
Charlize Theron (South Africa)
Emma Thompson (UK)
Lena Headey (Bermuda)
Kelly MacDonald (Scotland)
Indira Varma (UK)


iluvcinema said...

Some of my favorite actresses in one place! Naomie Harris, Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Sophie Okonedo and Charlize and Kelly are not too bad either!

Todd Mason said...

Hm,, let's see...who does that leave for your favorites list...

Yvette said...

Emma Thompson is my favorite, as well as Kate Winslet. I'm not familiar with the others. I suppose that means I'll have to see what they've played in so I don't feel so old and left out. :)

Todd Mason said...

I suspect that you've seen at least Charlize Theron in something or another, and probably at least some of the others as well...but Thompson and Winslet were in a Jane Austen adaptation together, which might not be the case with any of the others...I probably saw Okonedo first in DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, for example...