Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Overlooked Films And/Or Other A/V: the links

Bill Crider: Suspect (1987) [trailer]

Brian Arnold: Midnight Run

Dan Stumpf: Fingerprints Don't Lie

Elizabeth Foxwell: The Bat (1959)

Evan Lewis: Frontier Marshal (1939)

Francis M. Nevins: Pièges (aka Traps); Phantom Lady; Front Page Detective (DuMont Network, 1951-52)

George Kelley: Brave

Iba Dawson: The Bigamist

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: The Power of the Whistler; the Athens-Clarke County Library

Jack Seabrook: Ray Bradbury on TV: "Design for Loving" (Alfred Hitchcock Presents:)

James Reasoner: The Three Stooges: "Slowly I Turn..."

Jerry House: The Bravest

John Charles: Squirm

Juri Nummelin: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Marty McKee: Spider-Man (1978)

Michael Shonk: Dog and Cat {1977)

Patti Abbott: Payday (1973)

Prashant Trikannad: The Flying Deuces

Randy Johnson: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)

Rick: The Five Best James Garner Performances

Rod Lott: The Hire (2003); Drive-In

Ron Scheer: 6 Black Horses

Scott Cupp: Cthulhu

Sergio Angelini: Dying Room Only

Stacia Jones: The Camp and Cult Blogathon Readers' Poll (with useful reviews and citations)

Steve Lewis: The Saint's Vacation (1941)

Yvette Banek: Twelve Favorite Movies Set in New York

Todd Mason: Shortwave So, does the world need another podcast devoted to music discussion? Sure. Grant-Lee Philips, atop anything about his musical abilities, has a great radio speaking voice (even if it's the kind of smooth that annoys NPR detractors) and asks intelligent questions and handles himself with some wit in at least the first of his new series, getting a try on the Earwolf site (home of Comedy Bang Bang and much else), with first guests Aimee Mann and bassist and producer Paul Bryan, who are fine choices to start with. Discussion of how the culture of theft, when it comes to music, is so much with us, and what that means for artists, is among the highlights...worth the listen.


Yvette said...

I'll be late today - yet again. I think we'd better consider this the new normal for me. :)

I'm working on it as we speak.

michael said...

Todd, don't you mean "Dog and Cat," not "Cat and Mouse"?

Todd Mason said...

Just because a guy writes a review, he thinks he gets to decide when the series he reviewed should be referred to correctly. Sha! Thanks...it's too easy to scramble aggressively generic titles.

No rush, Yvette. We should look at your gallery post from Saturday, anyway...

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Todd, I have just posted my review of THE FLYING DEUCES. I wrote it in the office and posted it at home, hence the delay. Getting to be a habit with me. Many thanks

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Prashant!