Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday's Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V: some more new links

Thanks to all the contributors, and to you readers...if I've missed your, or someone else's review or citation of an overlooked item, please let me know in comments. As frequently, a few more will be added over the course of the day. (And, this week, Thursday on blog we'll have similar lists of Underappreciated Music links, and Friday, "Forgotten Books").

Bill Crider: High Road to China  [trailer]

Brian Arnold: Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979 telefilms)

Dan Stumpf: The Tattered Dress

Elizabeth Foxwell: Kraft Suspense Theater: "Leviathan Five";  Evan Hunter on BBC Radio 4 Extra

George Kelley: John Lithgow: Stories by Heart

Iba Dawson: Red Eye (2005)

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Dark Night of the Scarecrow

Jack Seabrook: Ray Bradbury on television: "Special Delivery" (Alfred Hitchcock Presents:)

Jackie Kashian: Joel Hodgson 

Jake Hinkson: The Triumphs of Orson Welles

James Reasoner: Get the Gringo

Jeff Flugel: Black Belt Jones; Hot Potato

Jerry House: Dangerous Mission (1954 film)

John Charles: Mister Peek-a-Boo (aka Le Passe-muraille)

Juri Nummelin: short-film animation from 1930s-50s;

Goodbye, Uncle Tom

Laura: The High Chapparal

Marty McKee: The Hypnotic Eye

Patti Abbott: Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

Prashant Trikannad: Wild Hogs

Randy Johnson: Blood on the Moon

Richard Pangburn: Memento

Rick: Mary Rose

Rod Lott: The Choppers (1961)

Ron Scheer: The Man from Alamo

Sergio Angelini: Wings of Danger

Stacia Jones: Madam Satan

Steve Lewis: The Snoop Sisters: "The Female Instinct"

Walter Albert: The Rainbow Trail

Yvette Banek: Cairo Time


Yvette said...

I'm up and running, Todd. Looks like another good week.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks. I remember CAIRO TIME coming through, but I've missed it so far.

Juri said...

Todd: I'm just putting a new one up. Just a few more minutes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some fab recs today.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Juri...that's certainly, in some ways, the opposite of your cartoons, and in others, all too congruent with the worst cartoons.

Kate...where are both of ours? And thanks, folks!

Jeff Flugel said...

Hiya, Todd! Here's one if you've still got some room!

Cheers, and looks like a great list of films this week!

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Jeff, on both counts! Always room...I still haven't written mine, and Scott Cupp's written review is still awaiting his host site to post it...

Jeff Flugel said...

Thanks a bunch, Todd!