Thursday, October 22, 2020

RICHARD LUPOFF, 21 February 1935-22 October 2020

Patricia and Richard Lupoff, 1958 (courtesy File 770)

Richard Lupoff's current archives at KPFA-FM, his Pacifica Radio show devoted to book-people interviews and discussion; the somewhat larger archive of Bookwaves: Cover-to-Cover episodes (includes Lupoff and no-Lupoff episodes)

The File 770 obituary

Locus obituary

At Mystery Fanfare

Xero, the fanzine, archive (important to the sf/fantasy, comics, and film-fan communities, notable for the All in Color for a Dime running series of articles and eventual anthology, Donald Westlake's "resignation" from sf and fantasy writing and responses from a range of writers and editors, the Avram Davidson Birthday Issue, early film criticism from Harlan Ellison and fannish writing from a young Roger Ebert, among much else)

Richard Lupoff's contributions to this blog:

On "Day Keene" and Leonard Pruyn's World Without Women

On Bill Crider

Update on What If? Volume 3 and other Surinam Turtle Press publications

And about or quoting Dick Lupoff and his work:

The Compleat Ova Hamlet by Richard Lupoff (art by Trina Robbins, introduction by Philip "Willam Tenn" Klass)

All in Color for a Dime by Richard Lupoff (also features a review of an "Ed McBain" novel by Ed Gorman)

The Investigations of Avram Davidson, edited by Grania Davis and Richard Lupoff, and other work with Davis

Other citations of Richard Lupoff


Jerry House said...

Sad news. A man whose talent will be missed.

Todd Mason said...

Very much so. To repeat myself from another forum, he was a gentleman, a (pioneering) scholar, an artist and an extremely influential editor and publisher.