Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Links: Tuesday's Overlooked Films (and/or Other A/V): 22 February

This week's entries (so far as I'm aware) in the Tuesday's Overlooked roundelay:

Bill Crider: Boxcar Bertha

Chuck Esola: Memories of Matsuko
Dan Stumpf (recommended by Steve Lewis): Frantic (1958); also Walter Albert: King of Burlesque and Bill Pronzini in passing: Out of the Past
Eric Peterson: O.C. and Stiggs
Evan Lewis: The Tower of the Elephant
George Kelley: Restrepo
James Reasoner: Spoilers of the Plains
Juri Nummelin: Anima Persa (and Training Day and Dark Blue)
Patti Abbott: That Certain Summer
Randy Johnson: Marty
Todd Mason: Seeing Things; Wholphin

of related interest:
Lee Goldberg: The Bold Ones (opening credits)
Ed Gorman/Peter Bogdanovich: Kiss Me Deadly
Marc Heuck: The Sound of Fury and David Fincher music videos
...possibly more to come, and if I've overlooked yours or another's Overlooked Film/AV entry, please let me know...and thanks for reading. You are welcome to join in here!


Scott Cupp said...

Not one from me today, Todd. Badly sprained wrist and other things prevented. Next week for sure again

Todd Mason said...

Sorry to read it, Scott...mend quickly. And, really, quit picking fights with kangaroos...they do dirty....

Juri said...

Todd, I just put up one. Should be interesting.

Juri said...

Some of the comments don't work, you have only "http:" in them.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Juri, though it looks as if that was true of only the Gorman link...I tried using Mozilla this morning, which has different ways of not getting along with Blogspot from IE.

Marc Edward Heuck said...

Hey, thank you for the plug! I've had so many good people discover my blog through the For the Love of Film (Noir) Blogathon, and now I have you to thank as well.

I do think your description is a bit of a misnomer - I really don't discuss THE SOUND OF FURY at all, suffice to encourage restoration funds. Also, my last name is Heuck - reversing the vowels is a common mistake, happens all the time. No biggie. :)

George said...

You're doing a great job with OVERLOOKED FILMS, Todd! I'm really enjoying it.

Todd Mason said...

Sorry, Mark...I am very mildly dyslexic, and names such as yours will tend to bring that out in me...indeed, I mostly used your tag on THE SOUND AND THE FURY as a tag for the link, figuring that readers will figure your post out for themselves. But the typo will be fixed instanter.

Thanks, George...more Kelley contributions forthcoming, I hope!

Todd Mason said...

Or, even, Marc! That one I can only blame on haste.

Todd Mason said...

And, clearly, this is a banner morning, as I'm making the film into a Faulkner novel...