Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Links: Tuesday's Overlooked Films (and/or Other A/V): 15 February 2011

The links (that I've seen so far...please let me know if I've missed yours, or anyone else's, for this week):

Bill Crider: The Last of Sheila
Brian Arnold: Cops and Robbers
Chuck Esola: Drive
Dan Stumpf: Strange Illusion (offered by Steve Lewis, from his Mystery*File)
Evan Lewis: "Red Hot Riding Hood" and "Little Rural Riding Hood" and "Swing Shift Cinderella"
James Reasoner: The Walking Hills
Jerry House: Thriller episode "The Return of Andrew Bentley"
K. A. Laity: The Punch and Judy Man
Pearce Duncan: Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
Randy Johnson: False Faces
Scott Cupp: Nabonga Gorilla
Todd Mason: Maria Bamford, et al.: Comedy Central Presents; Jackie Kashian, Animation and The Dork Forest; The Big Broadcast

of related interest:

Allan Mott: Can't Stop the Music
Frederik Pohl (and blog crew): "St. James Infirmary" (Betty Boop, and suitably hallucinogenic)
Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin: Flesh and Blood: The Hammer Heritage of Horror (with a possibly NSFW headline and rather moreso the last photo included)
How Did This Get Made?: The Last Airbender
Lawrence Person: The Fantastic Journey
Stephen Gallagher: TV, SF
Vince Keenan: Angel Face and The Hunted

Thanks, as always, to all participants and readers! (If you're among the latter, would you like to be among the former?)


Evan Lewis said...

I may change my name to Evan Parker. A fitting tribute to Robert B.

Todd Mason said...

There is something in my subconscious that definitely wants you to be a British free-jazz saxophonist, Evan...further apologies!

Todd Mason said...

(Steve Lewis and Scott Parker being in and around these citations probably doesn't help my taxed lobes...)

Todd Mason said...

And, further apologies...I didn't realize till just now that you had two more distinct posts devoted to related cartoons...