Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Links: Tuesday's Overlooked Films (and/or Other A/V): 8 February

This week's selections that I'm aware of so far:

Bill Crider: Destination Moon
Brian Arnold: Eerie, Indiana
Chuck Esola: Skidoo
Eric Peterson: Plain Clothes
Evan Lewis: "Frankenstein's Cat" and "Wolf! Wolf!"
James Reasoner: The New Adventures of Tarzan
Jerry House: Alice in Wonderland (1903)
Juri Nummelin: A Force of One
K. A. Laity: Impromptu
Patti Abbott: Go Tell the Spartans
Randy Johnson: The Moonshine War
Scott Cupp: Hogfather
Todd Mason: Jazz is My Native Language: A Portrait of Toshiko Akiyoshi

Of related interest:
David Vineyard: The Gambler from Natchez
Ed Gorman: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Elizabeth Foxwell: Foreign Correspondent and Perry Mason
Frederik Pohl: Gustav Hasford and The Short-Timers (adapted for Full Metal Jacket)
George Kelley and Rick Robinson: Howard Shore's scoring for The Lord of the Rings
Ivan Shreve: The Petrified Forest
K. A. Laity: Magus
Marty McKee: Dirty Harry novels
Paul Bishop: The Quiet Village Podcast (John Barry and the Music of 007)
Rod Lott: Sanctum
Ron Scheer: Will Penny
Sara Gran: The Naked City

...and possibly more to come...


C. Margery Kempe said...

Slight correction: Magus is a review of a play. Still hastilily writing my TOF for Impromptu.

Todd Mason said...

Ah, but plays are A/V, too. Hence my inclusion of it here...but I'll happily bump it to Of Related Interest...

C. Margery Kempe said...

I gotta check out the Skidoo post. I finally got a copy of it. Groucho and Harry (and a bunch of others) in the worst. movie. evah.

Juri said...

I've got one, though the film shouldn't really deserve a second look.

Word Up: Crynna, a character name for your next fantasy novel.

Todd Mason said...

Yes, but close to Crenna, as in Stallone's adversary in the mockeries of David Morrell's work...