Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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As usual, thanks to everyone who has participated this week, as contributor and as reader and/or commenter...this might be the best set of items we've had so far, salted with some insufficiently appreciated classics as it is, as well as the genuinely obscure ranging from good to brilliant. If I've missed your contribution, or you'd like to make one today and haven't yet, please let me know in comments.
And please spare a good thought for contributor Ian Covell, who wrote up the Dali/Disney collaboration "Destino" in March, as he recovers his health.

Bill Crider: A Place in the Sun
Brian Arnold: Dr. Strange (1978)
Chuck Esola: Winter Kills
Eric Peterson: I Went Down
Evan Lewis: "Book Revue"
George Kelley: The Promise: The Making of Darkness at the Edge of Town (and bonus material)
Jack Seabrook: Tales of Tomorrow episode "Age of Peril"
James Reasoner: The Macahans/How the West Was Won (1977-1979)
Jerry House: Carnival of Souls (1962)
K. A. Laity: Cat People (1942)
Patti Abbott: Family (1976-1980)
Paul Bishop: Noir City
Randy Johnson: Cross Fire (1933)
Robert Ivins: First Sounds.org and The National Jukebox at the Library of Congress
Scott Cupp: She (1935)
Steve Lewis: The Desperadoes
Todd Mason: The White Bus; Wonderland (1999)
Walter Albert: Outlaws of the Orient

Of related interest:

B.V. Lawson: "Media Murder for Monday"
Elizabeth Foxwell: The Avengers at 50
J. Kingston Pierce: The Adventures of Ellery Queen: "The Hanging Acrobat"
Stephen Gallagher: The Crimson Petal and the White

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