Saturday, October 27, 2012

10 further actors...

Eva Mendes
Paula Patton

Suleka Mathew
Judy Greer
Joan Chen
Julie Benz

Claudia Black
Lindsay Price
Glenne Headly
Madchen Amick


J F Norris said...

Glenne Headley, oh where have you gone? Likewise, a question for Madchen Amick who I can't recall seeing since Twin Peaks went off the air.

If you see this in time, please include my Halloween movie suggestions among the usual suspects' contributions for Tuesday's Overlooked AV feature. Thanks.

Todd Mason said...

Headly, one of those folks whose name is a typo waiting to happen (even one of her films apparently misspelled her name as "Headley" in the credits), has apparently been doing a lot of full-time parenting and occasional guest-spots on television drama, though she was also the best thing about the weak comedy THE AMATEURS, released in 2005.

Madchen Amick has been doing a lot of guest and recurring/regular cast roles in television, though I'll admit the ones post-TP that I recall best have been a while back, GILMORE GIRLS and the revived and vastly improved (and shortlived) FANTASY ISLAND. Her turn, I see, in the Cornell Woolrich adaptation I'M DANGEROUS TONIGHT was actually contemporaneous with TWIN PEAKS...she was good, the script for the telefilm not so good.

And, snagged your list, thanks!