Sunday, October 14, 2012

yet another 10 actors

Michael Michele
Gong Li
Julie Delpy

Jasmin Tabatabai

Sarah Shahi
Selma Blair
Kellita Smith

Gretchen Mol
Christina Chang
Michelle Forbes


Yvette said...

Michelle Forbes and Julie Delpy were recently showcased in an American version of a BBC mystery thriller whose title escapes me at the moment. But I thought it was excellent.

I'm hoping the series gets picked up on some cable channel and continues as the Brit series has.

Todd Mason said...

You know, I think all these folks have logged some crime-drama hours.

Though I think you might be thinking of the Danish drama THE KILLING, which had a US remake for two seasons on A&E, featuring Forbes and Mireille Enos looking a Whole Lot like Delpy?

Then again, perhaps it's something that just got completely past me.