Thursday, October 25, 2012

October's Underappreciated Music: the links and more

Patti Abbott: Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman 

Brian Arnold: Burger Chef Monster Records

Sean Coleman: Rod Delcourt and Wendell Wilson: Long Time Coming;   Joni Mitchell

Bill Crider: Billy Edd Wheeler;  tweating/FB

Jeff Gemmill: Neil Young: Americana

Lee Hartsfeld: Hallowe'en Music: Johnny Arcesi, Bop Hope, Mort Shuman, et al.

Jerry House: Brrrr...

Randy Johnson: Def Leppard

Jackie Kashian: Lindy West and Aham Oluo

George Kelley: Best of Bond...James Bond

Evan Lewis: "Sing Along with Zorro"

Todd Mason:  David Amram; new schools and offshoots of jazz (since ca. 1960); birthweek Billboard charts; For One Night Only (BBC Radio 4)--please see below.

Charlie Ricci: The Iguanas: Nuevo Boogaloo

The Iguanas
Richard Robinson: Walton: the Collector's Edition

Ron Scheer: The Carter Family; Hank Williams (the first) and Anita Carter 

The new season (or, as they put in the UK, series) of For One Night Only, the fine BBC Radio 4 documentary series about pivotal concerts, has begun (and ended, with only three episodes this time out), and the BBC has seen fit, as they have not in previous years, to secure rights to keep the episodes posted online for a considerable time (a year rather than, for example, last season's a week), giving us all a good opportunity to catch the episodes...the three this season are all about the Eric Clapton Unplugged concert/album, the Weavers reunion in 1955 in Carnegie Hall, and the Rolling Stones concert in NYC which was documented by the Get Yer Ya-Yas Out album, and while I like the Weavers' episode the most (the three surviving original Weavers still have a fair amount to say, and with good humor), they're all worth a listen. I'll be keeping up with this series, you can be sure, assuming there's another series...I won't be sorry to have sent you along in their direction, either.   
Sun Ra Arkestra & the Blues Project (!) 
David Amram, Percy Heath, Dizzy Gillespie: Thelonious Monk Memorial 1986

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