Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chumbawamba: ENGLISH REBEL SONGS 1381-1914

Perhaps my favorite of the albums of Chumbawamba, the anarchist punk (and occasionally disco, and here folkie) band that briefly rode the US charts with their lighthearted, if metaphorical, soccer-fan song "Tubthumping," unless my favorite is their concert album/retrospective of their own work from just before the hit album, Entertainment!, which was issued as a double-album with a speech by Noam Chomsky (and includes a great version of this song, which by the way doesn't say "Can't hear..." but "Can't eat..."...or so I thought, since it makes more sense). They weren't kidding about their anarchism. Though middle-aged teen favorite melodic punk band Bad Religion were perhaps the first to issue a "split" record with Chomsky.

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