Tuesday, March 1, 2011

with late additions: Tuesday's Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V: 1 March Links

Bill Crider: Prince Valiant
Brian Arnold: The Last Action Hero
Cullen Gallagher: '49-'17
James Reasoner: The Open Road
Jerry House: Tales of Tomorrow
Juri Nummelin: Manifesto
Paul D. Brazill: Palookaville
Pearce Duncan: Future Boy Conan
Randy Johnson: Belle of the Yukon
Steve Lewis: The Story of Temple Drake

Todd Mason: Hotel; WTF with Marc Maron and Paul Krassner (of The Realist); Monitor.

Of related interest:

Jackie Kashian: The Dork Forest with Jen Kirkman and Karen Rontowski
Michael A. Gonzales: On Ernest Tidyman and Shaft (courtesy Juri Nummelin)
Jack Seabrook on Fredric Brown on TV (Part 1)
courtesy K. A. Laity: Text as Art
Lawrence Person on werewolf films (with links to Person's and Howard Waldrop's decade retrospectives in fantastic films)
George Kelley on Roger Ebert's The Great Movies, V. 3
Patti Abbott: Susan Hayward
Terry Blass on Dave Friedman
Bill Crider (and Janet Hutchings): "The Case of the Headless Man" and hidden talents...


George said...

I don't know if you want to link my review of Roger Ebert's THE GREAT MOVIES, Vol. 3 but feel free to. You're doing a great job hosting this informative forum each Tuesday, Todd!

Todd Mason said...

I meant to drop that in, George, to "related links," but hadn't taken the opportunity yet on a harried morning. Thanks for suggesting...and looking forward to your next Overlooked...

George said...

I have nowhere near the movie knowledge you and your contributors have, Todd. I'll try my best to put a film posting up on my blog about once a month, but I'll make a special effort to make my Tuesday postings movie-related (like today's).

Todd Mason said...

From New Jersey (Brian Arnold) and New Zealand (Pearce Duncan), new Officially Overlooked items have been added in the last hour or so (along with a few Related Items).

Juri said...

Todd: I just made a new one, though it's Wednesday! Hope you still link it! I was going to write it yesterday, but you know how it is.

Word Up: Trambo. The Turkish version of Rambo.