Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Links: Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V: 15 March

Thanks as always to all the participants, and to you for reading (and commenting if you like, or joining in on your own blog or by being hosted on one of ours) our entries for this week, which include, so far:

Bill Crider: Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!
Brian Arnold: Fatso
Chuck Esola: The Mysterious Monsters
Cullen Gallagher: Travels with Hiroshi Shimizu
Evan Lewis: The Adventures of Superman (the 1950s tv series)
James Reasoner: The Picasso Summer
Jerry House: Quatermass II (the original teleplay version)
Juri Nummelin: The Marquise of O and The Jack Bull
K. A. Laity: Chinese White Bicycles
Patti Abbott: The Enchanted Cottage
Paul D. Brazill: Somebody to Love
Randy Johnson: Buffalo Bill and the Indians
Rick Robinson (recommends): The Jazz Video Cafe
Scott Cupp: Portrait of Jennie

Steve Lewis's Mystery*File has an even larger slew of relevant items than usual this week: Michael Shonk: Mr. and Mrs. Smith (the 1990s tv series); Walter Albert: Bombshell; Steve Lewis: Calculated Risk; Dan Stumpf: Quatermass II (the Hammer Films version); Mike Tooney: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: "Bed of Roses"
Todd Mason: lesser-known US broadcast television networks; the Newsradio: The Complete Series dvd package

Of related interest:
David J. Schow: Bloodstock
Doug Bentin: Appointment with Danger
George Kelley: Conversations with Scorcese
Heath: Linda Darnell
Lawrence Person and Howard Waldrop: Battle: Los Angeles
Megan Abbott on Jean Harlow
Ron Scheer: Junior Bonner
Scott Parker: CSI Miami: "Hunting Ground"


Paul D Brazill said...

Hi Todd,

I've an Overlooked Film up


pattinase (abbott) said...

Enchanted Cottage

Jerry House said...

Mine is up, Todd. (Finally!)

As I mention in my post, I don't think the boa will become overlooked any time soon.