Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Overlooked Film and/or Other A/V: 22 March '11

Beware the Rhythm Cults!

Bill Crider: Daredevils of the Red Circle
Brian Arnold: Hear My Song and The Tortellis
Chuck Esola: Americathon
Eric Peterson: Pink Nights
Evan Lewis: "Carrotblanca"
Ian Covell: "Destino"
James Reasoner: The Dead Don't Dream
Jerry House: Mr. and Mrs. North: "Comic Strip Tease"...and "The Spring Man and the SS"
Randy Johnson: The Tall T
Scott Cupp: Allegro non Troppo
from Mystery*File: Steve Lewis: The Crimson Canary and David L. Vineyard: Soldier of Fortune (1955)
Todd Mason: For One Night Only: The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart et seq. (BBC Radio 4) and Mike Detective

and of related interest:

Chris Poggioli: 21st Century Distribution Corp. Filmography: 1976-1986
Ed Gorman: The 25th Hour
George Kelley: Inside Job and Stephen Sondheim: Finishing the Hat
Howard Hopkins: The Snoop Sisters
Jack Seabrook: Fredric Brown on Television (part 2)
Jackie Kashian: Eric Drysdale's The Man with F.E.E.E.T.
Marc Edward Heuck: Space Cruiser Yamato/Star Blazers (and earthquake/tsunami relief)
Paul Bishop: Iambik Audio's Complete Crime Collection No. 1


pattinase (abbott) said...

I have one set for next week, Todd, Shoot the Moon.

Todd Mason said...

Looking forward to it!

George said...

Thanks for the link, Todd. Stephen Sondheim's work has been filmed many times. For fans, FINISHING THE HAT is a must-buy!

Todd Mason said...

Yep...he's iconic, all right, George. Pity more of his later work isn't filmed or video'd.