Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's Forgotten Books: 25 March 2011: the links

Here are the entries in this week's roundelay that I'm aware of...please let me know if I've missed yours or someone else's (or if you see a blatant error or six). Thanks!

Next week, the hosting returns to Patti Abbott's blog, as Patti recovers from her vacation and the various relaxing and healthful events that led up to her week is also a theme week, if you wish to play along: an emphasis on coffee-table books. Please use the coasters.

B. V. Lawson: Wycliffe and the Three Toed Pussy by W.J. Burley
Barry Ergang: The Case of the Vanishing Beauty by Richard S. Prather
Bill Crider: The Executioner: War Against the Mafia by Don Pendleton
Ed Gorman: Learning to Kill by Ed McBain (Evan Hunter) and A Touch of Death by Charles Williams
Evan Lewis: Sinners and Shrouds by Jonathan Latimer
George Kelley: The Valiant Sailors by V. A. (or Vivian) Stuart
James Reasoner: Girl Possessed by Dean Owen (Dudley Dean McGaughey)
Jerry House: A Strange Adventure in the Life of Miss Laura Mildmay by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Julia Madeleine: Coma by Robin Cook
Kerrie Smith: Murder in Paradise and Sea Fever by Ann Cleeves
Martin Edwards: The Poisoned Chocolates Case by Anthony Berkeley
Paul Bishop: The Laughter Trap by Judson Philips
Randy Johnson: No Cure for Death by Max Allan Collins
Richard Pangburn: The Fugitive Pigeon by Donald Westlake; The Strange Case of Jonathan Swift and the Real Long John Silver by Robert Prather
Richard Robinson: The Little Sister, based on the novel by Raymond Chandler, graphic novel by Michael Lark
Rob Kitchin: The Main by Trevanian
Ron Scheer: The Hard Rock Man by Frederick Ritchie Bechdolt
Scott Cupp: Bullard of the Space Patrol by Malcolm Jameson
Stephen Mertz: Donavan’s Delight by Carter Brown (among so much else at Mystery*File)
Todd Mason, Hell on Earth, based on the novella by Robert Bloch, graphic novel by Keith Griffen and Robert Loren Fleming
Yvette Banek: Episode of the Wandering Knife by Mary Roberts Rinehart


Jerry House said...

A fascinating lineup for this week.

Todd Mason said...

Pretty diverse, indeed! Thanks for bringing the Le Fanu in.

Yvette said...

Todd, my Forgotten Friday entry is on my blog as of this moment.

You can link back through my name and pick up the post's link that way. Don't know how to include the link in the comment. I don't do html. Sorry.

Richard L. Pangburn said...

Hey, my entry is here:


David Cranmer said...

Many fine suggestions this week and few that I've read.

George said...

Todd, I appreciate your hosting FFB today. Patti sure needed a break after that NYC debacle.

Todd Mason said...

The least I could do, George!

Same for me, David.

Kerrie said...

Thanks for hosting Todd

Todd Mason said...

Not at all, Kerrie, and I'll have to look at your Christie post as well as your FFB...